Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Holiday Hat deliverys

Peggy was a busy gal delivering hats
for this holiday season:

She delivered 70 baby hats to Kaiser Maternity on Sunday,
Nov. 20th.  There were 11-Thanksgiving, 22-Christmas, 6-Chanukah, 16-girls, and 15-boys.The 6 nurses on duty were totally thrilled to receive the holiday hats and couldn't wait to distribute them.  Peggy was excited to see 3 of our hats on display at the nurses' counter which they'll use for Thanksgiving since they were all orange.  The nurses again reiterated how appreciative the new parents are to receive these keepsakes.

On Nov. 21st, she delivered 26 hats all loomed by Melanie,  for Youth Homes foster kids living in 4 group homes. They were thrilled to receive them and loved the color combinations. Pictured here are two staff members that liked the hats so well that they wanted to each keep one for themselves!!

 Thank you Karing Knitters for your 
continued donations!!