Monday, July 18, 2016

Another Donation for Epic Care

Barbara donated 12 scarf hats and 4 chemo carseat pillows to Epic Care in Dublin today. One staff member gave her a huge hug! She was so appreciative of all our donations. She even asked for our contact information, which Barbara provided and she also directed them to our blog. The other staff member modeled one of the summer hats. They said we're the only ones donating to them and their patients are very happy to find our donations when they come for treatment! We will donate knitted hats to them when the weather cools down, again.

Thanks to our group, we're really putting smiles on these recipients faces! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More of our Knitters

We have about 10 knitters who regularly knit/loom baby hats for Kaiser Walnut Creek and San Leandro plus Birth Right in Livermore and Concord. Shown here are Susan and Mary Ann who just donated 50 hats for a total of 100 hats that were donated to Kaiser Walnut Creek on July 17, 2016.  Thank you Karing Knitters!