Monday, September 12, 2016

Baby Hat Delivery for 9/11

Peggy delivered 30 baby hats to Kaiser Walnut Creek on 9/11 which included 3 military fatigue patterns.  As she was walking toward the Labor and Maternity Ward, a young man was following her and she asked if he was a new Dad.  He said, "almost", he and his wife had been at the hospital for 3 days!  I asked him if he'd like to choose a hat for his baby and suggested a military one since it was 9/11 but he opted instead for a light/dark blue hat.  Then I asked a couple (grandparents) who were waiting for their daughter to give birth if they'd like a hat.  Again, they opted for a blue and gold hat since their daughter went to Cal instead of the military one. Once I took the rest of the hats to the nursing station and told the nurses that I had 3 military hats, they were thrilled and said they'd give them to each of the 3 boys who were just born in the last two hours.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happy Birthday to US

It is September and time to pat ourselves on the back again.  To date we have made and donated:
2206 hats (chemo and baby)
508 scarves
and for chemo patients:
67 seat belt cushions
66 drainage bags.
Happy Birthday to Us!