Friday, March 18, 2016

A Very Busy Week

 On March 15, 2016, Peggy and Jean delivered 20 drainage bags, 20 port pillow protectors, 15 chemo hats and  and 65 baby hats (9 for St. Patrick's Day and 5 for Easter) to Kaiser, Walnut Creek.  All of the nurses were elated, in fact, the oncology nurses said that we should patent the port pillow protectors.  They had never heard of them before and told us how useful they would be.  They also loved the colorful drainage bags and had no knitted chemo hats left so our donation was greatly needed.  They couldn't believe that we would donate all of these items.  
 The maternity nurses were just as thrilled with our donations and said they LOVE it when we drop off hats to them.  One of the nurses immediately gave a Mom who was getting ready to return home, a shamrock hat knitted by Jan but exchanged it for a larger hat  since the baby's head was big.

This was a very positive donation day for Jean and I and we extend out thanks to all of you who contributed to this delivery.

Barbara decided to donate 12 chemo port cushions and 7 chemo hats to Epic Care in Dublin. It is a lovely radiation/chemotherapy center, off Dublin Blvd, in Dublin.

 The person in charge of the chemo section was ecstatic when I brought in my donations! With her permission, she introduced me to a patient who was having chemo and who was in a bit of pain because her port had just been implanted. The ladies eyes lit up and was so happy to get this pillow! She said it would help relieve the pain she does experience when the seat belt hits that spot. She agreed to a picture which is attached! A very gratifying experience for both of us!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Wonderful Thank You

We received a very heartfelt thank you e-card from Kathy, the chemo patient we donated items to.  She delivered them to the Diablo Oncology Center.  Her doctor was so impressed and elated.  She had never heard of a port pillow and selected a few for her  patients.  She and the nurses were very pleased that we donated chemo hats since they had run out of them, plus the drainage bags were much appreciated.  Kathy wrote, "thank you all for your kindness.  You all are very special people in the world and I was fortunate to have met you".

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Today, Kathy, a Breast Cancer patient, visited the Karing Knitters and was so thrilled to receive 10 chemo hats, 15 drainage bags and port pillows that she will bring to the Diablo Valley Oncology Center in Pleasant Hill.  She chose a chemo hat that she liked for herself made by Melanie and a port pillow made by Peggy.  She loved all of the fun and colorful fabrics we used.  Barbara, Peggy, and Jean made the drainage bags and port pillows and the chemo hats were knitted and loomed by Jan, Melanie, Peggy, and Barbara.

Thank you Karing Knitters for your contributions to cancer patients!